University of Utah Health is stepping up their game for 2018.

With the announcement that Molina Healthcare is leaving the Utah market beginning Jan 1, 2018, Univesity of Utah Health is stepping up in a big way to fill that void.

I recently got a front row seat as the Individual and Family health plans for 2018 were revealed. They have expanded their plan offerings to fit a wide spectrum of clients all across Utah.

2017 vs 2018

In 2017, U of U health enrolled around 10,0000 individuals and families during open enrollment. Their goal for 2018 is to expand that number to more than 60,000.

U of U health is also expanding its reach. Effective for 2018 health plans, U of U health will now offer plans in all 29 counties in Utah. Long gone are the days of needing to live within close proximity of the University of Utah Hospital to benefit from their great service. They are now offering 2 different networks to serve Utah.

Health Preferred Network

This network is designed to service all of Utah, Davis, and Salt Lake counties. They offer 6,000 providers and 14 Hospitals. How do they compare with the competition? Great question. In 2017, SelectHealth boasted 3,800 providers and 14 participating Hospitals on their Select Value network. As you can see, finding a primary care doctor shouldn’t be a problem with the great network U of U health is offering.

Healthy Premier Network

If you live outside of Salt Lake, Davis, or Utah County, you will be a part of the Health Premier network. They boast large 8,750+ providers and 36 Hospitals in this network. They offer members statewide access to U of U Health, MountainStar, Intermountain Healthcare and many other excellent hospitals and providers.

2018 University of Utah Health Plans

Just like last year, the U of U health offers plans in all 3 metal tiers. In fact, you will find multiple plans for the Bronze and Silver metal tiers. New for 2018 is the Silver Copay plan which is only available off of the exchange (see more details below).

Here is a quick overview of the health plans being offered for 2018. Of course, if you qualify for a tax credit or cost-sharing reduction, your deductible and co-pays could be different than noted below.

Bronze Plans

Bronze 3 Copay

Deducible $6,550 / $13,100
Max Out of Pocket $7,350 / $14,700

Bronce HSA plan

Deducible $6,550 / $13,100
Max Out of Pocket $6,550 / $13,100

Silver Plans

Silver Copay

Deducible $4,500 / $9,000
Max Out of Pocket $7,350 / $14,700

Silver Copay (Off Exchange Only)

Deducible $4,000 / $8,000
Max Out of Pocket $7,350 / $14,700

Gold Plan

Gold Copay

Deducible $1,500 / $3,000
Max Out of Pocket $7,000 / $14,000

The Bottom Line

University of Utah Health is stepping up in 2018 to help fill a major void caused by Molina Healthcare leaving the Utah market. With the expansion of their networks and the availability of doctors and facilities, choosing U of U health plan for 2018 may be a great option for you.

Open enrollment begins on November 1 and you’ll be able to start comparing plans and pricing. Options give us more choices and that allows us all to have access to the network and providers that will best suit your individual and family needs.

I’m excited to have another rising player in the great state of Utah.

Next Step

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