Benefits of Using an Agent

Using an Agent to help with your Utah Health Insurance Enrollment is like being wrapped in a warm blanket after it comes out of the dryer. They bring comfort to a crazy and confusing world.

Aside from having a knowledgeable expert in your corner, here are a  few areas where an Agent can help:

  • Assist with choosing an appropriate plan
  • Help Look up Specific Doctors  for the plan you select
  • Look up prescription drugs or medications you take
  • Make sure you don’t miss deadlines for Open Enrollment
  • Assist with submitting paperwork to

and last but certainly not least….

An Agent can actually complete your Enrollment for you!

That means you’re not wasting hours on the computer late worrying about whether or not the site is going to kick you out for the 3rd time.

Does it Cost Me to Use an Agent?

That’s a YES and a NO.

Yes, there is a fee or commission paid to Agents, but that commission is already built into the cost of your health plan. You’re paying for the service whether you use an Agent or not.  If you’re paying for it, you may as well get the benefit, right?

There are no out of pocket expenses you’ll have by working with an Independent Health Insurance Agent. They’ll take great care of you and will never send you a bill.

I already have a plan, do I need an Agent?

Yes you do. Everyone does. Like I mentioned above, you’re  already paying the cost for having representation, you may as well have the benefits that come with those costs.

Even if you already have a plan on from 2016, or if you have a plan directly with the Carrier (Select Health, Molina, U of U, etc), you should seriously consider listing an Agent or Broker on your account. They will be able to advise you on changes if needed and help with the process of updating and renewing your health policy.

How do I list an Agent on my Enrollment?

That’s the easy part. If you’re enrolling on, in the “Getting Started” section, simply check Agent or Broker on Items #3 “Help Applying for Coverage.”

Here you’ll want to enter in your agent’s information. You’ll need their name (Matthias Allred), their FFM username (matthiasallred) and their NPN (16559688). That’s it. Once you enter your Agent’s information, it’s a good idea to notify them (if they don’t already know). They’ll be associated with your account and will be able to begin assisting you.

How Long will it take?

A good Agent should be able to show you plans, review your options, and help you decide on a health plan that is right for you in 15- 20 minutes. From there, your agent will take down any additional household information they may need. That’s it, the conversation is over and you can go on with your life relaxing and feeling confident knowing your health insurance enrollment is taken care of.

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