Navigating the crazy world of health insurance is not what most people will call fun.

But it’s over for now, and you no longer have to think about it, right? I mean, open enrollment is over and I already have my health plan in place. Why should I give my health plan any more of my brain cells?

Well, because life doesn’t stand still!

It’s hard for most people to predict or determine their needs an entire year ahead. I know I can’t do it. Surprises happen, life happens, things change. And what you plan on happening rarely becomes reality.

Who’s there to help?

When life steps in and changes your plans, it’s helpful to have someone on your side to help navigate those changes and make the best decisions moving forward. A great health insurance advisor will be able to help you determine the best health insurance options available to you.

Don’t have a great agent? Keep on reading, cuz you really need one. (and it’s free)

What is an AOR?

An Agent of Record (AOR) transfer is simply the process of changing the agent who is assigned to help you take care of your health insurance policy. I can sound more complicated than that, but it’s fairly straightforward. The Agent who is currently on record to assist you with your health plan

Will my health plan change?

One of the first questions people ask when discussing an AOR is Will my health plan change? My answer is simply, Nope, your plan stays the same. The only thing you are changing is the Insurance Agent who is on Record to help you with your plan. Nothing else changes. You are not changing plans or insurance carriers. Your payments won’t change, your deductibles out of pocket max, or co-pays all remain the same.

The only thing that changes is who is assigned as the Agent on your account.

Do I even need an agent?

The next question I usually get is, Do I even need an agent? Again, my simple answer is “You’re already paying for one, you may as well get the benefit.”


Most people don’t know that the cost of a health advisor is already built into the cost of their health plan. Whether you buy your plan on, directly with a carrier, or with an independent health advisor, you’re paying the same cost.  There is no price difference between where you buy your policy.

That being said, there are significant benefits or advantages you get when you use an independent health advisor to purchase your health plan. The cool thing is that you get those same benefits when you add an Agent or Advisor to your health plan.

Why Should I switch to you?

This is always the toughest question to answer because the answer can often seem generic or canned, or even insincere. I can give the typical “Cuz we have the best service” or “I’ll always keep your best interest in mind,” or even “We’re the best agency in the whole wide world and there’s nobody out there that can even compare to the amazing, wonderful, super-duper….bla bla bla type of agency and advisors that we are.” WOW!

How do you brag about yourself in a blog post and try to come across genuine and sincere? I haven’t figured that out yet, so I’m not even going to try.

The simple truth is that we’re just real people. We deal with health insurance all day long and tend to know our way around policies more than the average person. Perhaps we’re nerds??? I don’t know. I think we’re pretty cool. But if not, we’re at least real people who are willing to listen to you and help where we can. Give us a shot.

How to switch agents?

Making the change to our office is simple and painless. In fact, we do 99% of the work.  Get in touch with our office or simply fill out our line form and we’ll send you a 1-page form to sign electronically. Once you sign the AOR form, we will submit the necessary paperwork and monitor the process until we receive confirmation the transfer is complete. Once we are listed as your agent, we will reach out to you to schedule a time to review your account if you wish.

It’s that easy, so let’s get started.