SelectHealth continues to serve Utah with a wide range of health plans in 2023. In fact, there are 50 different plans in their lineup this year.

For 2023, SelectHealth is introducing a new network called the Signature Network. This network is narrow but high value, serving the residents of Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber Counties. They are also introducing the Gold 0 and Platinum 0 Plans.

Below is a list of the health plans SelectHealth is offering in 2023. Click each plan to learn more about your deductible, co-insurance, out-of-pocket max, and other plan benefits.

If you have any questions about these health plans or any individual or family health plan available in Utah, please get in touch with one of our licensed insurance advisors. Our advisors are trained and certified on all the plans we offer, and there is no additional fee for our advice and help.

Platinum Tier Plans

Platinum 0 Plans

Platinum Standardized Plans

Gold Tier Plans

Gold 0 Plans

Gold 1500 Plans

Gold Standardized Plans

Silver Tier Plans

Silver o Plans

Silver 3000 Plans

Silver 3750 Plans

Silver 5500 Plans

Silver Standardized Plans

Silver 6300 Plans

Silver 6500 Plans

Bronze Tier Plans

Bronze 9100 Plans

Expanded Bronze 0 Plans

Expanded Bronze 5900 Plans

Expanded Bronze 6900 Plans

Expanded Bronze Standardized Plans

Expanded Bronze 7500 Plans

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